Shell Chair Dimensions, Colors, Finishes

Carl Hansen and Son manufactures the Wegner CH07 Shell Chair in a wide variety of woods, finishes, fabrics and leathers.

Danish Design Store offers all variations of the Shell Chair, including a limited selection that is available for Quick-Ship to the United States.

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Width: 36.2 in (92cm)
Depth: 32.7 in (83cm)
Back Height: 29.1 in (74cm)
Seat Height: 18.8 in (35cm)
Recline Depth: 18.9 in (48cm)

Dimensions of the CH07

Dimensions of the CH07

Available Finishes / Colors

Lacquer/Oil Black paint* CHS colors** White oil

* Oak and ash have clearly visible wood structures when painted; beech has minimal structure when painted.

** CHS Colors: Colors and Carl Hansen codes below. See the Wegner Wishbone Chair – Colors for a sense of each.

  • Black Lacquered / NCS S9000-N
  • Dark Grey Lacquered / NCS S7502-B
  • White Lacquered / NCS S0502-Y
  • Egg Lacquered / NCS S1005-Y
  • Orange Lacquered / NCS S2075-Y70R
  • Sea Blue Lacquered / NCS S3030-B
  • Grey Lacquered / NCS S3502-Y
  • Merlot Lacquered / NCS S4050-R10B
  • Red Lacquered / NCS S4550-Y80R
  • Copper Green Lacquered / NCS S6020-B50G
  • Olive Lacquered / NCS S6020-G50Y
  • Royal Blue Lacquered / NCS S6020-R80B
  • Forest Green Lacquered / NCS S6030-B90G

Leathers / Fabrics

The CH07 is available in a wide selection of fabrics from Kvadrat and Gabriel, as well as leathers in Loke, Thor, and Sif.

Call a Carl Hansen Product specialist at Danish Design Store for more information: 800.688.0974.

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