Borders by Hella Jongerius

Borders Shell Chair

Borders Shell Chair

The charcoal Borders Fabric used on this Maharam Shell Chair was designed by Hella Jongerius, a Dutch industrial designer who works from her Berlin-based studio, Jongeriuslab. Borders is inspired by Jongerius’s interest in the traditional backstrap weaving of Guatemala and Mexico. Because backstrap weaving produces a narrow cloth, two or more pieces are often hand-embroidered together using a heavy decorative stitch.

Borders is an industrial translation of this localized craft technique. The embroidered lines that traverse Borders’ surface are archetypal motifs culled from different genres, including a botanical, a dotted line, and pied de poule, forming an irregular grid of unique compositions. Large open areas in the design called for a ground cloth with surface interest. Heathered yarns add texture throughout a dry, toothy wool canvas. The four wool colors—in natural, greige, charcoal, and walnut—provide a neutral base for the embroidered expression of Jongerius’ unique color sensibility, including combinations of nude and crimson, pale yellow with eggshell blue, marigold and turquoise, and tangerine with hazard orange.

Carl Hansen & Son recommends the oak lacquer frame to accentuate the Borders Chair. However, all woods and finishes are available upon request. Call a Shell Chair specialist for more information: 800.688.0974.

Price: $3,908.00

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Borders Fabric detail

Borders fabric detail. Click to enlarge.


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